How you can help optimize the chances for the Event to occur this year (not next), enable the re-set of the financial system, and release the suppressed technologies that will set us all helping manifest an expedition to Return a Massive Counter-Evolutionary Vortex back to the Light.

The suppressed vortex in question is in a remote part of the world, and is a source of continued massive dark activity causing significant violence and strife throughout the world. It is depriving the region where it is located and the rest of the world of the positive evolutionary energy we need to thrive.

It is time to liberate this Gaia vortex now.

In October of 2012, a friend told me, "You need to go to the Cobra conference in New York. If you go, it will start an energetic tsunami." Then she offered to pay half of the cost. I went, and someone suggested that I might want go to Egypt with Cobra for the critical 21st of December 2012 vortex activation. I smiled to myself, thinking it would be nice but out of the question, as I had only $200 to my name.

I so wanted to go and contribute, because Cobra had explained that the activation in the pyramids on the 21 of December 2012, if we succeeded, would guarantee that all negative timelines would be erased. And that this was a critical part of the organic process of placing the earth onto the positive timeline, where the Golden Age (instead of WWIII) is waiting for us all.

One night in early December, I was out walking under the stars and heard very clearly as if someone had spoken out loud, "We want you to go to Egypt." When I got back to the house, I discovered my credit card limit had tripled. I booked the ticket within the next 24 hours and was in the air a week later.

A fellow lightworker and friend who also came to Egypt, confessed that he had no idea how he was going to find the money for his travel expenses. Then a friend of his happily agreed to fund the trip, without needing to be begged, pleaded with or convinced. It was one of the few times my friend experienced ‘flow’ in his life when it came to putting the whole trip together from A to Z.

When we arrived, we were reunited with what we soon realized was our soul family. It was a ‘freaky’, but beautiful experience when we went to Saqqara, and realized we had all been there together before. Because of our love for humanity, we had made a strong commitment that would be fulfilled now, on the pivotal 21st of December, 2012. We got a taste of the Golden Age a little early. It was the best experience - not just of this lifetime - but of many lifetimes.

Despite all odds – which included a Muslim Brotherhood (Cabal) ban on meditations on the Giza plateau, and two false flag attempts (as reported on Coast to Coast AM about two weeks later)… our successful activation of the Gaia Vortex in the Chefren pyramid on the 21st of Dec 2012 didn’t just firmly place humanity on the positive timeline, but it had immediate physical manifestations too.

For example, our Egyptian friends told us the sky hadn't looked this blue, with clearly distinct clouds, in 30 years....

My friend told us all that night that, as he was walking along the side of the Chefren pyramid whilst following Cobra and a few others to enter the pyramid for the activation, he witnessed enormous, majestic, light-warrior beings suddenly appearing with a standing up motion, and raising their swords, one after the other in a long row.

He realized, as we all did that night, that some sort of major clash between Light Beings and negative entities must have occurred on the astral plane in that area.

Then we all entered in separate groups so as to not arouse the suspicion of the Egyptian guards, whose threatening presence had increased on that fateful day.

And everywhere we went, there were orbs!

December 21, 2012

SEPTEMBER 29, 2013

Life is so much more multi-dimensional than we think....

Now we have been called to make a trip to heal and activate a key energy trigger zone in a classified location.

The original Gaia vortex at this destination has been suppressed and harnessed many years ago for counter evolutionary purposes. This region has had ongoing violence for decades as a direct result of the suppression of this vortex, and lawlessness in this area has provided the Cabal with massive opportunities to increase their control over the world’s money supply. Atrocities against women and children are ongoing. We are going to remove the dark obstructions in this vortex and restore it to its original purpose.

Energetic events, portal activations, and the opening of vortexes lay the groundwork and blueprint for physical changes and actions to take place.... and the Event is no exception.

Vortexes need people on the ground at their physical location for them to be opened. They cannot be opened remotely without someone participating on the ground at the location. There are often many dark entities whose job it has been to support and maintain the suppression of these Gaia vortexes. Once the vortex is liberated, their jobs are no longer needed and they can then be freed to go home to the light for rehabilitation and reassignment. The removal of these archons and dark entities will significantly reduce the conflict, fear, and violence that they create. They have been a big reason for the delay of the Event. Once removed, they will be gone forever, no longer capable of manipulating people's minds and actions at the time of the Event.

We have identified a group of Lightworkers who are prepared to go and liberate this vortex, even though it is located in a remote and dangerous area, but we need your help!

And no, you don't have to travel to a distant and dangerous location yourself to do it! All it takes to make this possible is $10-$28 and 1 click of your mouse.

We need to get there and liberate this huge vortex as soon as possible!

We want to optimize the chances for the Event to occur within the October to December window for this year.

For more information, or with questions, please contact us.

          THANK YOU !!!


Every contribution gets us closer to our goal...

Thank you so much for being a part of this important work !


Two mentors for our team have already had several experiences liberating suppressed Gaia vortexes in the United States. Kunde-Ra and his wife have opened large vortexes at Mesa Verde National Park (CO), Walnut Canyon National Monument (AZ), Crater Lake (OR), and Antelope Island (UT). The process has involved the use of Kunde-Ra’s “Cleaning Wings” to first clean the area of dark entities supporting and maintaining the etheric plug or containment cap. Then after his wife unlocks the obstruction by toning specific codes into it, Kunde-Ra uses his wings to loosen and release the plug, and then lift it up and out. In most cases there have been etheric cables holding the plug in place that must be cut before the plug is finally able to be taken away by Light beings.

In all cases, after the obstruction has been removed from the vortex, and it has been fully liberated, great quantities of Goddess energy are released from the earth. This is palpable and feels like tremendously nurturing golden honey. Sometimes this energy has immediately spurted up from the vortex like a geyser, and at other times it has slowly oozed out to fill the entire surrounding area.

Please click here to donate what you can. This is so very important.

Let’s not wait for freedom to come to us… it's time to take action.

NOVEMBER 14, 2013

JANUARY 22, 2014

We had hoped to have this vortex liberated by now. But it turns out to be a bigger vortex and a more complicated task that we had previously imagined. Nevertheless, this is the most important priority for each and every member of our team. If there is this much resistance to liberating this vortex, just imagine the difference it will make to the planet. It is our hope that liberating this vortex will help to set the right conditions for the Event to happen this year.



Please contact us at: with any ideas about how we can let other people know about this important work.